Here you find all the places where the bouncy castle has been set up. You can find details at my route.

  • Explosive atmosphere - Bombs going off every minute, grenades flying just past my ears, but I am still driving through the bullet rain, fully determined to bring the bouncy castle to the next group of poor children. That is how I want to be remembered! Well, in Eastern Turkey the situation is fortunately not THAT bad. Yet we […]
  • Orphans and child labour in Lahore, Pakistan - India had given me a nice souvenir – they had installed a hidden speed bump on the highway, which I had hit with 80km/h. As a result, my car produced some nasty sounds on bumpy roads, and when I hit the brakes, the steering wheel would turn left. I did not take a liking to […]
  • A touch of bollywood in Rishikesh - The caste system is unfortunately still very common in India, so children who have been born as “untouchables” have no real chance to get a proper education – except in Rishikesh: the Mother Miracle school in Rishikesh teaches especially the smartest children from poor backgrounds, as they can benefit the most from a proper education […]
  • Holi Hupfburg - I had met a German woman on my travels, who knows a German woman, who knows another German woman, who has volunteered in a Slum NGO in India, whose director knows the director of a children’s hospital. And indeed I found myself on the way to that children hospital in Baroda, Gujarat, having organised a […]
  • In the foothills of the Himalaya - After years of thinking and planning and doing and talking and re-planning and re-thinking and recreation, I have finally arrived. I have crossed the border and have arrived at my final destination: India! This blog has apparently reached a lot of readers already, so when I crossed the border from Pakistan, a huge crowd had […]
  • Through Balochistan to Quetta, Pakistan - Travelling in Balochistan is a rather interesting experience. Due to the tense security situation, I am always escorted by a massive police escort (carrying Kalashnikows). Two days I was travelling through the desert, always following a Toyota Hilux with some serious looking cops inside, sometimes they even joined me in my car for a while. […]
  • Caritas day care center, Tbilisi, Georgia - I found Caritas Georgia in some internet NGO database, and they replied me very politely to my initial email. They operate a house in Tbilisi, where children without any proper homes can go after school, get food, help with their homeworks or just shelter. A perfect place for the castle, so we agreed I would […]
  • At the beautiful Black Sea, East Turkey - After some weeks of relaxing in Turkey, I felt the strong urge to set up the castle again. I stayed with my friend Evrim in Findikli, in the Eastern part of Turkey at the Black Sea. And whoever has not been in this area, should book his tickets now. The area is famous for its […]
  • Balat neighbourhood, Istanbul - As usual, I am stuck in Istanbul longer than expected (its nearly 4 weeks now), but at least this time Istanbul’s kids get their share as well. Children counting down the time to their bounce time I found a Sufi community, who take care of over 460 families in one of Istanbul’s not so fancy […]
  • Father Ivan’s orphanage - I am blessed to know people like Martha and Liubo in Sofia, Bulgaria. Even before I had arrived there, they had already contacted a bunch of children organisations who might be interested in some bouncy action. This is the story of the visit at their first contact, Father Ivan’s orphanage. Father Ivan started to build […]
  • On the road again - Children: around 45
  • 1. 11. 2014 @ Kadiköy, Istanbul - YO, quite some time has passed already since the last bouncy castle event, but other things have happened in the meantime. EXTRAORDINARY things! But read for yourselves: Back some weeks, we planned an event for the Assyrian church in Kadiköy, although the weather forecast expected permanent rain. Even a friend of mine had come from […]
  • 11. 10. 2014 – Syrian refugees @ Samatya, İstanbul - Yo, as stated previously, this time it was not so easy to organise a place. But when you talk about your stupid castle all day, destiny will connect you with the right people. And the right people can organise everything: children who really need some distraction, a nice place at the seaside, and even çay when everybody is thirsty […]
  • 4.9.2014 – Sarajevo - Yo,  the fabulous  people from SOS Kinderdorf (thanks Azra!) forwarded us to the SOS Kinderdorf in Sarajevo for our next event. The clouds were crying from joy a lot, which was not so helpful, as we cannot set up the castle in constant rain. Fortunately, the nearby school of the SOS children had a gymnastics […]
  • 3.9.2014 – Lukavica, Bosnia - Yo, just some short impressions from the village Lukavica which was recently affected by flooding and landslides.. a tiny distraction at least in the foggy weather. Tomorrow we will be in Sarajevo with hopefully better conditions!
  • 30.08.2014 @ SOS village Ladimirevci, Croatia - Yo, after visiting the SOS village in Lekenik near Zagreb (post to come), we went directly to the second Croatian SOS village in Ladimirevci near Osjek. And what a nice time we spent there!   We arrived on Friday evening and were directly invited for dinner. The kids were asleep already, and we could spent the […]
  • 19. 6. 2014 @ Stattpark OLGA, Munich - I have visited the alternative living project Stattpark OLGA for their little summer fest. As a little thank you I got a new pair of shoes which I desperately needed. And technical advice with my generator! Seriously, who buys still stuff with money like a caveman? Money is so overrated :)
  • 26. 3. 2014 @ SC Stettfeld, Bamberg area - Another test run in a small sports club near Bamberg. This time was focussed to get the air fan running which the lovely Klebeland-Team had gifted me. I had to improvise a bit, but my McGiverish skills, an empty 5l water bottle, some wooden sticks and a good amount of tape fixed it. Now the […]
  • 22. 3. 2014 @ Klebeland, Berlin - While visiting friends in Berlin, we set up the castle in the backyard of the marvellous tape shop Klebeland! The rain stopped as soon as it saw the shiny castle, and we had a nice afternoon Feschdle
  • 25. 1. 2014 – Children gymnastics @ SV Lohhof - We set up the castle for the children gymnastics of SV Lohhof near Munich. The first real field test, and that was quite successful! So the travel can start now… We had to carry the castle down a stairs, but it was worth it. Thanks to all the strong carriers, and especially to Basti and […]

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