…me & my idea

King of my castle

King of my castle

Yo, I’m Thomas from Munich and I’ve been dealing with bouncy castles for the last 8 years. I have been working in the non-profit association MobilSpiel e.V. in Munich.I have mostly delivered the equiqment to kindergardens, schools, but also organized children festivals there.

During my time there, the idea came to my mind: bring a bouncy castle to everybody who will most likely never have the chance to be on one.

Well, in 2013, I got the chance to realize my plans: one of our bouncy castles was in a quite bad shape and ready to be thrown on the trash. So I took the time and tried to fix it, though the nobody knew if it was realistic. But it worked out, even better than I had expected :)

So I bought a big enough car to carry it around, and now I’m ready for my mission:

Drive my bouncy castle around, and everybody can enjoy it!


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