Wouldnt be possible without the help of quite an amount of people, so thanks to…

  • first of all MobilSpiel e.V. for inspiration, advice, letting me have the bouncy castle, provide repair material, letting me use the hall, … and i could go on for hours here :)

  • Basti & Jule for getting up at 7am on a saturday to test the castle, and SV Lohhof for providing space for my first test run

  • Hias & Welz for getting my car with me

  • my parents for my generator

  • the whole Klebeland team for equipping me with ~2km duct tape and an additional air fan

  • the guys from Stattpark OLGA for giving me shoes which I desperately needed :)



  1. Hello Thomas,

    What a great idea! In this moment I am in Dehradun and working there for the Hope Project. Do you remember ;-)? I saw some pictures of you and the bounce castle and the children told me everything about you and the great day.
    Good luck for your trip,

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