30.08.2014 @ SOS village Ladimirevci, Croatia

Yo, after visiting the SOS village in Lekenik near Zagreb (post to come), we went directly to the second Croatian SOS village in Ladimirevci near Osjek. And what a nice time we spent there!  

We arrived on Friday evening and were directly invited for dinner. The kids were asleep already, and we could spent the night in the guest house. What a nice welcome :)

On Saturday morning, after breakfast with the SOS mother Branca and their kids, we unloaded the dvorac (yes, our Croatian improves and improves) with the help of the kids. And after fixing two minor holes, we set it up finally! Chaos breaks out after all the ~80 children want to jump immediately at the same time. But Davor, the village psychologist, could control the mob and we had a full day of jumping action in perfect summer weather :)

Just when we finally packed the castle together, nature itself tried to prevent us from leaving and sent myriad of mosquitos. But tough as we are, we put everything back in the bus and fled into shelter.

After another dinner with Branca and her wonderful kids, and breakfast on the next day, we had to leave again to the next villages. We spent such an amazing time in Ladimirevci, cheers to Davor, Suzana & Branca, and Tomislav, Katharina, Matej, Matija, Marco, Vicky, and all the others! We really hope to come back!


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