1. 11. 2014 @ Kadiköy, Istanbul

YO, quite some time has passed already since the last bouncy castle event, but other things have happened in the meantime. EXTRAORDINARY things! But read for yourselves:

Back some weeks, we planned an event for the Assyrian church in Kadiköy, although the weather forecast expected permanent rain. Even a friend of mine had come from Munich and wanted to see some bouncy action.

Önver from the last event in Samatya gave me the number of the priest in Kadiköy, and told me about the children who gather every saturday in the church. We expected to cancel the event on saturday morning, but what a surprise! Yellow sunbeams carved through the curtains, and the golden autumn itself was greeting us.

Bridge to Kadikoy

Crossing to Asia: fortunately that guy did not show up

I put the address into the navigation, surprise! Google knows at least ten “Cem Sokak” in Istanbul. Luckily churches are not so common here. So we looked at the satellite view of google maps and we found only one church at a Cem sokak. Easy! We picked up two more friends, and threw ourselves into Istanbul traffic. The ride took us the first time to Asia, over the famous Bosphorus bridge!

Well, having finally arrived in Kadikoy, the church people (churchians?) showed us the place for the castle and we set it up quite quickly (GIFs are realtime):

Castle setup

Setting it up

Castle blowup

Blowing it up

The kids enjoyed themselves and one of the last beautiful days. We were invited for lunch and as a last bonus, we could leave the car on the church’s guarded parking lot (thanks Yusuf for taking care of it! ). Here are some pictures of the beautiful golden autumn atmosphere:

Right now, it seems like the plans are changing a bit, but I am not sure how. Stay tuned for updates!


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