4.9.2014 – Sarajevo

Yo,  the fabulous  people from SOS Kinderdorf (thanks Azra!) forwarded us to the SOS Kinderdorf in Sarajevo for our next event. The clouds were crying from joy a lot, which was not so helpful, as we cannot set up the castle in constant rain. Fortunately, the nearby school of the SOS children had a gymnastics hall which we could use.

So we went to Džemaludin Čaušević primary school in the morning, and found a really friendly school with a bit rundown small hall (donations are needed! If you want to donate for a new gymnastics hall, you can contact Selma). We could not go there by car and had to carry the castle for about 50 meters through the school building. No problem with the help of the Hulk-like 9th-graders.

Fail Aufbau

We started the air fans, and of course the hall was not high enough :( So, we called the Hulks again and they carried the castle to the school courtyard, as the rain had stopped temporarily. Big children eyes were the reward, and the elementary school kids had quite some fun.

It only lasted for one hour, as the rain started again and we just packed the castle into the car before it started to rain buckets.

Conclusion: about 100 kids and the school pedagogist had a blast, but the weather still needs improving. Our three-week journey only had two consecutive days without rainfall. Any tips on this?


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