Children waiting for the bouncy castle in Balat, Istanbul

My bouncy castle. Shall we come to you?

Yo people, I’m Thomas from Munich, and I’m travelling the world with my bouncy castle (see on the left)! I want to provide my castle for all children in need, who cannot afford to pay for it (in orphanages, for street children, for charities, etc…)

Of course, I do not charge any money for it, I am just a bouncy enthusiast and this is my personal little contribution. If you know ANYONE who might be interested, any children, any school, any kindergarden, any orphanage, just contact me! If it roughly matches my travel plans, I’m coming by.


One comment

  1. Hey! I heard from an NGO I know in Dehradun, India that you will come here. We have few more children homes nearby in Dehradun. Would you like to come and arrange it for these kids I know?

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